Friday, 28 February 2014

Reunion revisited - in pictures

Here are some pictures of my recent travel to Bilaspur to see my old school. I joined a reunion party organised by the Class of 1977 - they left the school 9 years after I did, but amazing and talented bunch that they are, have managed to keep up contact with each other across the globe and kindly let me join them for their third reunion in the last few years.

The School from what used to be the main entrance. Now it is in fact the back, the official entrance being on the other side where the extension has been built

This used to be the main entrance into the school courtyard

The library used to be in the main building. Its now part of the extension. No idea how well stocked it is.

The staircase has not changed at all. I was surprised how narrow it is. My memory of it is rather different.

 With the present care taker, Mr Santosh Prasad

One of many finger print scanners. This was the machine that, like a child speaking the truth, told me I did not belong.

Inside a classroom, with the white screen pulled down. To the right of the blackboard is the computer point

The overhead projector, all connected up to receive input from a laptop plugged into the network.

A busy day of lessons spread across 2 shifts

In conversation with a very youthful HeadMaster (to my right)

The road from the school towards the Railway colony

Bharat Mata School is actually a Church run school with a pretty good reputation, hardly a kilomteer away from the Railway School

The Bungalow once occupied by the Jammi family. Looks rather grander now. Back then it had a small plate on the gate that said J Ranga Rao, Divl Personnel Officer.

I was wowed by the gardens and the landscaping.

I don't rememebr that the house had this plaque giving it a name- Amar Bilas, and a vintage, 1911. Unless my memory totally fails me.

The badminton court in the officers club

Obvious! - the tennis court, only now it has a professional looking surface.


  1. That was a fulfilling experience! Being 7 when Dad got transferred to Nagpur, I have only vague memories of Bilaspur and our house there!

  2. Lovely pics! I can feel your nostalgia! And what a beautiful bungalow!